Hand pruning is like magic

you cut something and it grows new life!

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This site is about sharing my passion, years of experience and knowledge with those of you who care for your garden. Regardless of whether you have an actual garden, or a bunch of pots on the balcony, porch or hanging out your kitchen window.

Although pruning is only one small part of an entire world known as ‘home gardening’, cutting back your plants every once in a while will have a huge impact on your garden. You already know what you're doing, you know your plants, how to water and care for them.
But do you prune? And are you aware that pruning, which is quick, easy, and requires no heavy lifting will ALWAYS encourage new growth.

On this site you will find all the information you require about when and how to prune. And for those of you who don't know WHY to prune, read this

So, grab some shears and get to know your garden just that little bit better. I’m here to help, so please feel free to use the form on any of the pages to ask any questions you may have.

Apparently there are lots of people out there scared to cut their plants. Worried about 'cutting it wrong'. Well, the great thing about cutting your plants is that although you can’t re-attach what you've cut – you do know it will regrow, so you can't go wrong. And if you can't go wrong, you have nothing to fear!

See what others are asking

It's always fun to see that when someone asks a question at least half a dozen others shake their heads in agreement, as they were wondering the same thing. That has brought me to the conclusions that I will often find answers to the questions I don't yet know to ask simply by reading over what others are asking. So here they are, for your knowledge and convenience... the questions and answers of other gardeners like you. And please, just like you, I’m here to learn too. So if you have interesting information or tips – feel free to send them my way, (use the form or comment below) I promise to spread the word, and give you the credit.

If you want it to grow be sure to cut it

How does the magic happen? Relax, you're not about to read a scientific article about plant anatomy explaining how pruning impacts the plant. In this case, I will just say - Because it does! And it is Magic! And if you don't believe me... try it for yourself. 

5 Tips On How To Choose Your Pruning Shears

Yes I know, choosing pruning shears from among the thousands out there is…confusing. But if they are comfortable enough for my 16 year old daughter and my 92 year old grandma – then I’m happy to recommend them...

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Hi, I'm Eyal, a landscape designer with a passion for pruning. I have planned, planted and pruned more than 500 gardens. Now I am happy to help you with yours.

Providing general guidelines on 'how to prune' any kind of plant is important, but there are plants, and there is YOUR plant. So despite there being loads of information on this site, I also provide specific and personalized support. If something wasn't clear, or you're not sure of your plant's name, simply send me a picture with your question. Use the form below and I'll get back to you. In the mean time, see what others are asking. 

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