Ficus Tree Pruning

Hi Sharon, thank you for sharing! your question was:

"Hi, I think my Eucalyptus isn't as full as it once was... any suggestions or is it just winter"?

Ficus tree pruning - Dear Sharon, before anything else, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your Eucalyptus is in fact a type of Ficus... (you may want to reintroduce yourself :)

As for your pruning Q's, well this is a yes and no kind of answer. 

No - your ficus won't feel any better if you prune it right now. The reason for that is because it's actually got much bigger problems. See potentially what you have there is a huge tree planted in a very small pot. Your ficus is already under much stress as its roots have no where to grow and spread, and that's why he looks so thin and poor.

Yes - you will need to prune it, but only after you re-pot or replant it. Once replanted, pruning will help him recover and grow new leaves.

So, where to start? follow me...

Ficus tree pruning 
Sorry, RE-POTTING is the real issue here 

Ficus tree pruning - After you have transplanted your ficus, the round orange line will show what you should prune (besides the main trunk). Don't be afraid to cut, ficus are strong and in a few months you'll have new tree with clusters of new leaves. Just remember to follow my transplanting instructions.

1. Wait for the weather to get warmer and for temperature to become more steady, then and only then move your ficus tree to a much larger container or plant it directly in your garden (if you own a garden). If you don't have a garden, get a pot that is at least 10% large than the one you have now. If it's in a container make sure the new container has drainage holes at the bottom. Add and mix in a high-quality soil and some compost and your good to go.

From what I can see in the picture, there is no doubt that your tree needs more space to spread its roots and develop. 

2. A few more words about transplanting: make sure you have all the equipment you need - a large container, soil, compost, water hose or a funnel etc... in advance.

As soon as you finish transplanting add water and flood the soil. Doing that will release any air that got caught in the pit. Tie the Ficus to a poll or to the wall to stabilize it, until he grows new thicker roots and is happy to stand on its own.

Bottom line, no pruning required here. Just give your tree more room and it will be happy. When it has grown more stable and is happy in its new home come back and I promise to help you with the 'How to prune ficus' part. 

Hope that helps. 



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