Hand Pruning
Best Hobby Ever !

Why Hand Pruning
makes the ultimate hobby?

Hand Pruning, the perfect combination of mind free, therapeutic activity and gets you the best results and satisfaction. or like my wife say "get out there and prune something". its the only thing in the world that when you cut it! it brings back a whole new refreshing results. window box or a planter,any where you grow plants its your garden and you have to prune it,  so join my passion. 

Yap..   the garden in the picture bellow as well as a hundreds more, where pruned by hand and still do,  evevry few days, slowly, nothing systematic!  garden i planed, designed and built.

We All Need A Hobby
Hand Pruning may be your best choise

Hand Pruning is not a rocket science and while you learn How To you'll be amaze from the results you'll get and how quick you'll be full of passion to go dipper and learn more about it. it is one of the most delightful ROI that created by you.

In 20 years of landscaping experience and over 500 garden I've planed and built that part is my favorite. relaxing, rewarding plus the fact that one of the most common frequently asked questions I've been asking "how to prune those shrubs"? 

Every time when a potential costumer invites me to see his garden and start thinking of redesign it , the first question is about Prune. how to ? when to ? do you think that now its the best time to prune? ETC...

So i was thinking that maybe it would be better if i can just deliver my knowledge and my experience and try to hand over the keys for those who are afraid and UN aware of the benefits . its not just about prune, its about using and enjoy all your senses whether your 4 or 120 years old. that kind of activity brings the best and make the most out of humans and nature.

A small piece of metal with the combination of your hands and imagination can bring so much joy to your life your family and your garden.

creating this site its just my way to bring the mental benefits. that's why I won't be just focusing on the results regard your garden. what  i see is you and how you can use it for the benefit of your self.

It can actually be a reflection of life. and thats just one benefit, you can and wheel make mistakes, if you wont try take some risks like cutting to much or not accurate you might miss success and not geting the expected results and so on.

Join me, enjoy, don't be afraid to make mistakes,pick up your pruner and ask your self : what could possibly go wrong? YAP Nothing. 

Are you familiar with those believes ?

I don't have Green thumbs !

I'm afraid to "cut" it all wrong !

When ever i touch a plant he dies !

Pruning is for pros !

Don’t worry. It happens to every one in varies subjects in life. Ill show you simple recommended methods i use. Just think of me as your favorite hand pruning teacher available 24/7. 

If you don’t find what you are looking for Contact Me with your questions. ill do my best to answer them and add the information to the website for your quick reference.

Don't panic, those plants in the picture below where pruned by hand and still do and that's the Fun here, every few days, 15 minuets or so, a group of few plants and that's it! its magical. 

Let’s start !

Providing general guidelines on 'how to prune' any kind of plant is important, but there are plants, and there is YOUR plant. So despite there being loads of information on this site, I also provide specific and personalized support. If something wasn't clear, or you're not sure of your plant's name, simply send me a picture with your question. Use the form below and I'll get back to you. In the mean time, see what others are asking.