How to prune cucumbers

by Ziv
(Even yehuda, Israel )

What are the ideal conditions to grow cucumbers?

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Dec 25, 2016
Ideal conditions to grow cucumbers?
by: Eyal

Dear Mr ziv
thank you for asking, though it has nothing with pruning i would love to help.

Cucumber requires & love full sunlight!
Spread on the ground or trellising, both are o.k for home garden growt.

all you need is :
A good proper drainage soil,
Trellising (meaning Vertically growth)cucumbers would make better results, it would help them to develop and it would be easy for you to maintain. indeed cucumbers can be grown without being trellising but the thing is that when the cucumbers touch the soil they start to rotten quite fast.
As for watering, make sure that the soil is moist, from my own experience cucumbers don't like to be flooded.
Same rules if you want to grow them in planters or containers, they must be deep and wide enough. as you can see in the following g picture we used planter that was not beep enough but the width has compensate on the depth and we got fine results.
Hope i was helpful
as i was saying growing cucumbers is not my expertise just had some experience before.
if you have any other Q regard pruning plants in your garden id love to help!



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