Pruning house plants

I have a black thumb. How do I prune this plant - it is dying anyway-so why should I bother.

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Dec 25, 2016

by: Eyal

Dear debbie

Thank you for sharing, unfortunately the picture is in bad quality so you are more then welcome send it again.

As for your "Black thumbs" well no one has them as a matter effect, many people thing they "KILL PLANTS JUST BY LOOKING A THEM" the truth is that we all have Green thumbs. don't get frustrated regard your hidden UN discovered yet gardening skills. i would be more then happy if you'll visit at your nearest nursery, buy your self a young herb plant and let me know when you'll have it. ill escort you every step at the way until you'll discover your magical Green thumbs again.

from what i had seceded to see from the picture you sent me, I'm not sure that what it takes to turn that plant in to a happy plant is pruning. lets bring him back to life and make reassessment
to his needs.

So, send me a new positive optimistic picture and ill help.



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