Self Watering Containers

I just found the holly grail
of container gardening

Self watering containers - Yes, you heard right!! This is a must read and familiarize yourself with article. If containers are part of your garden, and even if they're not (I'm sure they will be soon), you have to get acquainted with an incredible product I came across a few months ago. It's the best self-watering container I've ever come across in 23 years of gardening. Seriously, I've planned and planted hundreds of gardens, dozens of rooftops, porches, and balconies. And I have used thousands of different containers, pots, window boxes, you name it, I've tried it. But when I saw this amazingly simple but genius self-watering system I couldn't resist - I ordered one and tested it for myself. 

Now I must admit, this is exactly the kind of thing that brings the kid out in me... I basically waited at the door. Counting the days when the shipment was supposed to arrive and would be delivered. When it finally came I opened the box shaking, just waiting to get my hands on my new toy. And here it is! I'm holding it, and I'm about to test it...    

The highest end of all high-end self watering containers

This is definitely not just another self watering container - from packaging to performance, these guys thought of EVERYTHING. If you take a close look, I don't believe I will need to explain all that much. And it's perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. 

The Inner space design (it gets better...)

  • Small special holes for the roots to grow and develop healthier, stronger plants. The idea of avoiding watering from the top is perfect, just like the nurseries of professional growers.  
  • Cone shape - I'm having fun so please forgive me if I'm getting a little too excited... the cone shape combined with the smooth texture will allow you to easily replant in the future. Pulling your plant out will be as easy as taking a cake out of a well buttered pan. Well done guys!! you didn't miss a single thing in the product design. And, one more benefit - there is no way that a tree's or shrub's roots can damage the container's sides, thanks to it's shape and the double layer. 
  • Material - recyclable, unbreakable, prevents shocks - really, what else can you ask for?  

Plant & Go


  • Large enough hole for your garden hose to fit in (picture below)
  • Water level indicator (see the three drop-shaped markings)


  • Soil - No, there is no need to use lava stones like in hydroponics, indoor or outdoor. In both cases use simple potting soil.
  • Fertilizer - want to add liquid fertilizer? no problem just poor it in through the watering hole.


  • If you insist on using a drip irrigation system, just remove a small plug at the bottom of the container (on the outside of course) and it turns into a regular container - but with all the horticultural benefits.  
  • No more puddles of water on your balcony or porch floor.

Life (plant) saving system

  • No more killing your plants from over watering.
  • No more "who will water my plants while i'm away on vacation?" 
  • Save time and money - Water every 2 to 6 weeks only (!) depending on your location and climate.
  • And it comes with a:


  • 10 years

Bottom line - this is much more than a self watering system, this will encourage you to garden, I promise. I have decided to give it 6 stars out of 5 :-).  Amazing product! 

Two small improvements for the next version

  1. It would be awesome if the container could make me a cup of coffee while I watch my plants grow within this piece of art ;)

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