Should i prune my cherimoya tree?

by Fred k

This is a Cherimoya 4 years old grown from seed.I have never had Flowers and maybe it will not fruit as it is seed grown.I live on the costa Blanca in Spain.I would like to know the proper way to prune it 🤗🤗🤗

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Feb 12, 2017
by: Fred kay

Thank you for your advice.The tree was transplanted in the Autumn into it's current pot.It is a huge pot which is not so apparent in the picture.Yes it is fully leaved in the summer.I will send you a picture when it is in full leaf.Thank you for the advice!!!!

Feb 12, 2017

by: Eyal

Thank you so much for asking. indeed, Cherimoya wont provide any fruits if it grown from seed. however, (you didn't mentioned if he head leaves) you can definitely enjoy the tree.
But! Before any pruning thoughts here is my advice:

Transplant it if you can.

1. As weather will get warm and temperature will become more steady
And new growth will start to come out from the stems, then and only then move the Cherimoya to a much larger container or plant it direct in your garden soil. you should get at list 10% large container or hole in the ground. if it's in container make sure the new container has drainage holes at the bottom. add and mix a high quality soil and some compost and your done with your Cherimoya's new home. there is no doubt that it needs more place for the roots to spread and develop. from what i can see in the picture, it is certainly not enough.

2. Few more words regard transplanting:
make sure you have all the equipment like large container, soil, compost, water hose or a funnel etc... in advance.
soon as you finish transplanting add water and flood the soil. by doing that you will relies air that got caught in the pit.
tie the Cherimoya to a poll and stabilize it.

Bottom line, No pruning act requires here. just make more room for it and enjoy
when it grows older come again and I promise to help on How to prune.
Hope that helps.

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