should i prune my plum tree?

by Gilboa


I have a question about my Plum tree - should I prune it at all? and if so, when and how?
Please see the photo attached (sorry about the quality...).



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Jan 16, 2017
Aint that a Purple leaf plum tree ?
by: Eyal

Hi Gilboa

you called it a Plum tree but is it a Purple Leaf Plum Tree you got there? jsut making sure.

indeed the quality is quit bad but as far as im concern, i see no reason why pruning your Purple leaf plum tree what so ever. but if you'll decide to do so follow my deciduous fruit trees basic guide lines.

Before pruning - generally speaking, in order to keep your deciduous tree healthy, strong and fruitful (Any Deciduous) in your home garden for many years in terms of pruning, all you have to do is keep the following pruning routine instructions which are easy to follow and requires only few minutes.

Why pruning?

Trimming - you just want to keep the tree low to get an easy approach for fruit peeking and caring.

Dilution - to allow air and sunlight penetrate the tree centre, its healthy and encouraging the increase of blooming that will become fruits.

Renewal - by removing old and no longer essential and productive stems you'll get young & new growth that will produce healthy fruits.

Deciduous trees - pruning basics

Train your tree - its better to train your deciduous fruit tree at young age. most common and recommended growing method is the "WINE CUP" shape. that's how most deciduous fruit trees sould be kept. by training the tree to develop that way it allows you a better view in side the tree, an easy to prune and remove when needed and may be most important fruit peeking.

clean and remove dead stems or cross branches.

when would be best time to prune deciduous fruit trees? generally speaking you will probably prune twice a year. first time would be just before the winter ends, just before or when you'll be able to see the buds slowly pumping out on the tree stems.

second time would be around mid fall as part of winter preparations. during the summer there is no reason why pruning the tree, may be after fruit cycle ends but ill get back to that in each one of the deciduous fruit trees over time.

What kind of pruning shears would fit here ?

My preferred pruning shears for that mission would be loppers. Deciduous fruit trees are strong and needs a good pruning shears to handle with. ill use Anvil loppers very often to prune thick stems. the thing is that using bypass pruners specially if your not use to prune deciduous, can leave a piece of extra peel from the tree open like a wound. so the best solution handling that issue is Anvil loppers.


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